Valea Morilor – lifestyle of the people who respect themselves.
Valea Morilor residential complex is the ideal living space that determines your social status and the standards to which you aspire. The apartments of Valea Morilor residential complex are not just simple living spaces, but a symbol of a select lifestyle. In Valea Morilor residential complex, everything is created to ensure residents’ comfort and tranquility. It is a natural landscape for recreation and fun. The abundance of shrubs, natural, colorful and special flowers are not only pleasing to the eye, but also protects the occupants from noise, creating a unique micro-climate.

The large glazed spaces offer beautiful panoramic views. The whole day you can enjoy beautiful scenery, and at night you can enjoy the bright lights of the town. The location is really unique! The residential complex is situated in a picturesque corner of the top of Valea Morilor sector. The project is a unique combination of modern architectural solutions and natural landscape. It is the ideal living space for those who appreciate style, comfort and quality. It is the ideal solution for the people who prefer to live in an ecological zone.
The beauty of the natural landscape, combined with the latest developments in construction make “Valea Morilor” residential complex the most attractive place where you can find your home.

Put into operation

''Valea Morilor'' residential complex has the largest yard in Chisinau town (7000 square meters) which includes:

  • parking for all residents;
  • 2 football and tennis fields;
  • playground for children;
  • terraces for adults;
  • spacious hallways;
  • REHAU profile windows;
  • panoramic windows with view to Valea Morilor lake and park;
  • marble floors and stairs;
  • stainless steel balustrade;
  • located near Valea Morilor park