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Five years ago, many things about innovative technologies and solutions were unachievable. Now it’s time for a change!

Please welcome the Newton House Complex – the block of the future. Here each apartment “breathes” with the freshness and tranquility of the perfect location: a place between Ion Creangă and Belinski street. Here there is no compromise between quality and utility. Moreover, the SMART HOUSE modern block of apartments relieves you of a lot of daily worries and stress, offering you all the time you need for you and your family. In other words, welcome home!

Now you will no longer care about your apartment management, because you can do it basicly online via your smartphone, which is accessible for everyone of us at any time.

The Telemetry System automatically collects all the meter data (gas, electricity, water). So we are talking about a new level of comfort for you and Yes – is available now!

Your safety is one of the basic elements of home comfort so we’ve all set them. Now, the access to the block is done directly from your mobile phone.

Moreover, the constant video surveillance of the court, non-stop monitoring of gas and water leakage, timely waste management and illumination with an intelligent layout of the entire neighborhood – this is the concern that shows we care about You and your family.

We know how important is the family safety and the time spent together …

Putting into operation: First Installment 2021. Second Installment – 2022.

Home is a special place, that’s why we’ve set everything for you and your loved ones:

  • An outside court to rest;
  • Playground for children;
  • Stadium;
  • Temporary parking;
  • Underground parking.

For more information about the LIVIU DELEANU residential complex, as well as for the possibility of entering into possession of the apartment in these houses, please contact us by phone: 060177755; 060177766.

Welcome to the Newton House complex, Welcome home!

Floor plan

Floor plan

Floor plan

Floor plan