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It is located in the financial heart of the city (bd. Ștefan cel Mare şi Sfânt 171/2), next to two main arteries: str. Calea Ieșilor and bd. Stephen the Great.


An ambitious project with a special architecture and glass facade.


It offers a new vision of workspaces, thanks to high stained glass, the open space concept and intelligent construction solutions.


INFINITY TOWER provides ideal spaces for progressive teamwork;
lobby areas, where events are planned; coworking areas;
areas specially designed for business networking and meetings; as well as commercial spaces.


INFINITY TOWER not only offers office space, but creates a whole unique business ecosystem in Chisinau.


INFINITY TOWER is a class A business center with unique architecture and visual integrity.


Intelligent building management system.

Innovative technical solutions

  • High speed Otis lift — 2.5 seconds per floor, with smooth running and quiet sound.
  • Main and backup fiber optic network, but also the opportunity to connect to several independent channels.
  • Modern air ventilation technologies, 4-channel air conditioners.
    Contactless elevator; handles with antibacterial surface.
  • Intelligent engineering systems that ensure the control of the indoor microclimate and a professional air recirculation system.
  • Clean, disinfected and filtered air with optimum humidity.
  • Disinfection of the air according to a state-of-the-art system by ultraviolet rays.
  • Automatic dehumidification speed adjustment and air humidity adjustment.
  • Excellent fire protection and communications systems.
    Intelligent building management system.

To improve performance, the best conditions for employees

  • Paved entrance, fountain and decorative shrubs.
  • Parking places.
  • Lounge areas and relaxation areas, which contribute to increased. productivity and encourage teamwork.
  • Outdoor recreation area with modern furniture.
Putting into operation: 2021

For information about INFINITY TOWER by Inamstro, but also about the possibility to take possession of a class A office, request the offer at the numbers: 060177755; 060177766.

Choose a business environment that suits your aspirations, choose INFINITY TOWER by Inamstro!