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The house is located in an area with well-developed infrastructure, just 10 minutes from the city center.

The block has 11 floors, an underground parking and a playground.

The new block of 9/7 Alecu Russo street is the right solution that could meet all your requirements and also might exceed your expectations.

We know how precious your time is, so we managed to prepare each apartment for aesthetic individual works. Now there is no care for communications, drains, connections, and other technical elements – now it’s just about the choice of design.

Putting into operation: January 2022

Each apartment includes:

  • Exceptional quality windows (5-chamber REHAU profile);
  • Last generation boiler individually packed for each apartment and connected to high-quality radiators;
  • White walls treated with dry mix;
  • Paved floor;
  • All the connected communications to the apartment are equipped with with counters (gas, electricity, water pipes).

This unique block is built to the highest and strictest standards. It makes 11 floors, has a unique stair and it is equipped with:

  • Underground parking;
  • Courtyard enclosed;
  • Individual heating;
  • Double glazed windows;
  • Modern elevator.

For more information about the Alecu Russo residential complex, as well as for the possibility of entering into possession of the apartment in these houses, please contact us by phone: 060177755; 060177766.

This residential complex from the 9/7 Alecu Russo street inspire a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, being so close to the city center. You’re welcome to come to see for yourself!

Floor plan 1-2

Floor plan 3-11